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Shrink Ray Island

Go right and until you come to the school(It'll be the one with the "Science Fair" Signs)
Go right and go in the doors that say "Science Far"
Go all the way right and talk to the guy behind the woman(The guy is wearing a polo Shirt with a tie and jeans)
Ask him, "Can I help with anything?" and he'll tell you too look at their home
Go left and get out
Go left until you find the doors you came in, go out them
Go right and head to "Avenue A"
Go right until you find an apartment with a cat outside the door, Go in
You'll have to chase the cat out of the house, go right and into the kitchen
Then go left into the bathroom
Go all the way left, then go right and out of the bathroom
You have now chased the cat out of the bathroom
 Now go left in to C.J's room
Click on the Microscope that is on her desk
 A masked man will come out and shrink you
You are now small, there will be a Hot air balloon to your right if you want to leave, but for now,
Run to the right and jump on the drawers
There will be a fan to your right, jump on it
It will go down, pres the red button
It'll blow the dust bunnies away
Press the button again, and go under the bed, grab the pink thing
Go right and head to the next room(The other part of her bedroom)
Go all the way right and head to the next room(Living room)
Go all the way right and head the the next one(the kitchen)
Go right until you get to drawers
Jump on them, and get the screwdriver
Go onto the counter, and go right to the next room(the next part of the Kitchen)
You'll arrive and see there's a notebook paper, it'll come back to you, Push the rolling pin so that it knock the teapot onto the other burner
Go right and jump over the teapot(The purpose of that was so it would make steam so it could lift you up)
You'll land on a shelf, Knock over the bottle to your right
Go down to the floor and push the cat bowl to the left so that it is under the dripping oil
To your left will be a couple of drawers, jump on them to get to the counter
Start jumping on the cat food, jump on it 4 to 5 times jump down to the floor and push the bowl right to where it is under the the first chair(You'll notice the food is kinda like a step-stool)
Jump on the stool then onto the table, go click on the grape
now pick up the paper

 Now go down, and go left to the first part of the kitchen
Go left until you come to some drawers, Jump onto the drawers and onto the counter
Go right and put down you grape, pick out the cord and plug it into the outlet
Pick up your grape and jump onto the toaster's lever- button thing, wait and soon, you'll fly up into the air
You'll land on a shelf, To your left there will be a salt shaker, go in the RIGHT side of it and push it left until it's on the Left side of the spatula
Jump on the Right side of the Spatula, you'll fly up into the air, BUT you'll need to jump left a little so you'll land on the Frig

It Took me a couple of times to do it
Jump down and go right and push the yellow and green sponge to the right so it's Next to the spray bottle
Jump on the sponge, jump on the the bottle and then go on the trashcan
Go inside the Trashcan
There will be a can of tuna to you right, Click on it, and it will give you options on direction to move it, move it to the right
walk right and jump down at your first chance
On your right, there will be cheese, pull it left
Go back up
Go right some and push the Milk right
Then jump down ontop of it
On a shelf to your upper-left side, there will be cheese, pull the cheese, right
To your right will be a tuna can, Pull it to the left
Jump on the can
and then in the upper left side push the tuna to the left
Go to the right and jump on the next shelf
Go right a little and pull the tuna can to the left
Jump "Restart" in the lower left corner(You'll still have the paper)
Go out of the trashcan
Go left and leave the kitchen
Go left until you get to a car
Go to your backpack(Upper Right corner) and press "Use" On the screwdriver
Press on the battery
Jump onto the table go left until you come to a remote
 go to your backpack
Press "Use" On your battery
Press the green button on the remote
Jump onto the tv and climb onto the  Antennas
There should be Electricity on you
Jump to the left and get on the balloon(The green one
It'll take you to a Picture of "Poshville Boardwalk"
It took me a long time to do it

Walk left a little, and jump on the shelf
Push the fish food over to the left and push it 5 to 6 times, jump off to the left and into the fish tank,

Press "Off" On the fish tank, go in, and get the key
Jump out of the tank
Go left and head to C.J.'s Bedroom
Go left and jump onto the table
Go to your backpack, and use the "Thumb Drive"
Type in the Password: m4r13 cur13
It'll show you this message
Jump on the computer, and on the shelf to the right
Go to your back pack, and use the key
Part of the page has been torn out
Go to your back pack, and press use on the torn paper
Click on the diary and read the page, Jump to the left on to the thermostat 
Walk right until it's on red, jump down, onto the desk again, go to your backpack and press use on the paper, jump onto the lamp and jump onto it until it stops going down, flip the switch at the very top of it, and it will show you the message
Go left and head to the next part of the bedroom
Knock over the trashcan, and walk on the floating trash to jump onto the bed 
Click on "Morse Code"
Jump over the fan that is to the left
Go left and jump onto the drawers, jump left onto the telescope
Here is the dial code:
Y-16 X-87
Then click on the right end of the telescope, and it'll be a message, the message is, "Flush the Thumb Drive"
jump down, and go right and head to the next part of the bedroom, go right and head to the living room, go right and go to the bathroom
Jump on drawers, Go left and jump on the wire plugged into the outlet
Jump onto the hairdryer and turn it on
jump on the air, and it'll carry you, go on the shower curtain, it'll take you to the next part
You'll land on a bar of soap
Push the soap right into the tub, jump into the tub.
Go right, and climb up the rope.  Go on the water dial and walk left the water will turn on
Jump down and push the soap left
Push it to where it is beside the duck
Jump on the ducks back
Then Jump to the edge of the bathtub
Jump down, then on the plunger, on the toilet paper, then on the toilet
Go to your backpack and use the thumb drive, jump on the toilet paper holder to the left, then on the back of the toilet, jump down to the left onto the flush handle thing
then go back in the bathtub and go right, up the rope and off of the bathtub, and go right, go all the way right and leave the bathroom
Go left and in to CJ's room
Jump up onto the desk, then on the shelf then to the left onto the thermostat, then turn the dial to heat

Go left into the next part
Go left to the telescope,and set it to the same stuff as last time, press it and she has a new code: Thief is Mr. Silva
Go right and go into the Living room 

Go right and on the table infront of the tvand take the battery out of the remote
Put it in the truck and drive the truck
Go left into C.J.'s room
Go left and get out of the truck and go on top of the bookshelf
Push the book over on to the ground to the left
Go up the ramp, and it'll be a small little game
Go left and talk to C.J. Mr. Silva will try to shrink you,Go left across the floor. You can either Stop behind each object or skip every other one . If you get hit by the Shrink ray, you have to start over. When you reach the quartz sample and Mr. Silva shrinks it, jump up onto the yearbook on the left and then  jump on the desk above. Then hide behind his microscope. After he shrinks the microscope, run right to the  the globe. Mr. Silva will shrink it and the globe will fall on the floor. Jump down to the floor and hide behind the books. Wait for him to shrink the books, then push the globe under the chair. Jump up on it and then jump on to the chair and then his desk. Go behind the  lunchbox. After he shrinks the , go all the way to the right until you are hiding behind the mirror. When Mr. Silva tries to shrink you this time, the shrink ray reflects off the mirror and hits him. Walk over and turn the switch on the shrink ray gun. You'll be at the science fair, and you have now completed Shrink ray island! :)

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