Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shark Tooth Island

When you Arrive, go Right and head to the "Ancient Ruins"
  When you Arrive, go right and head for "Booga Bay"
When you arrive, talk to the first guy, he'll give you a grass skirt, put it on and go left and head to, "Ancient Ruins"  
When you arrive, go left until you come to a building, go in
  Once you arrive there should be a swinging platform, ignore it and go all the way down
  You should be swimming in green stuff, go to the left, and go to the other side of the tall platform(Watch out for the bat!)

 Go all the way left, then go on the platform above
Then jump onto the sliding platform, then jump onto the platform above(Watch out for the Bat!)
You then go above on the swinging platform and jump off onto the left platform

Click on the face and enter this combination(from the left):
2nd Button

Then click on the nose between the eyes and it will open up a gate, go through to the left, you'll be in a short room go left
  Go down the vine, and jump to the bottom, Go left, go over the statue and you'll land on a platform, go down and go left until you come to a skeleton, get the bone and go right until you get to the statue, jump on top of it,  and jump onto the sliding platform
  Jump on the Platform on the left, then jump on the next left one
  Wait for the next platform to come, jump on it, then jump on the one to the left and go left
  There will be another short room, go left
Go down the vine, go left until you find green stuff
Go up another vine, and go up
 Once you arrive, you can get a shark fin if you want
Go to the guy in front of the "Coconut Cafe" and he will give you the next ingredient

Head right to "Ancient Ruins"
 Go right to the stone and push it to the right to where it is under the vine, work your way up the vine and up the platform(Watch out for the coconuts!) and go "up"
go all the way up until you come to a guy
 Talk to him and he will make a "Calming Potion"
Go down and head right to "Booga Bay"
Go all the way right until you find a Cannon that says, "Feed the shark", click on it and feed him
Then click "Back" In the upper right corner , go right and come to an island with this man and a boy
Talk to them, they will now follow you, go left, pass the water ,cannon and across the next part of Water
 there will be a woman, talk to her and she will thank you

She will give you a "Gold Medallion" And you have now Completed this island!

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