Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Early Poptropica

Some Facts about it:
1. It was the first Island on Poptropica
2. By votes, it is the easiest Island on Poptropica

When you Come onto the island, There will be a hole right under the hot air balloon you arrived in, go in the hole. 
  Once you arrive, go all the way down, when you are down, Go to the Right and get the "Prized Porker"(Pig), then go back up, and get out of the hole.
  Once you are out, go all the way to the right and head to "Early Poptropica"
  Click on the 3rd man and he will thank you for the pig

Go right some more, and come to the well, Go down the well
 Once you are in the well, go to the Upper-Left Corner and get the Glow stick
Then, come out the way you came in
  Go Left to the original place you came to, go left from there to the "Poptropica Towers"
   Go left a little and go down the hole

   ♥Hint: Before you go down the hole, you can stop by the balloon cart and click on the balloons to change your skin♥. 
    Once you are In the hole, You will need to go through this maze like thing, the Combination is:

     Go all the way Left
     Go down the rope
     Go right (And skip the first rope)
     Keep going right until you go to the next rope
     Go down that rope
     Go right to the next rope and go down it
     Go left and skip the next rope
     Go left a little more, and get the, "Golden Egg"

 Now you will need to get out of there:

From there go right and skip the next rope
Go right some more and go up the rope
Go left and go up the next rope
At the top of that rope go to the left 
Go left some more and skip the next rope
Keep going left and you'll come to a rope, go up it
Go right and go up the next rope

When you come out of the hole, there will be a brown building to your left, there will be windows, jump on the bottom left window then jump up to the 3rd one, from there jump onto the Statue
   From there jump onto the red building, then jump on to the clothes line and jump on to the purple building
  There should be two dinner tables, in the middle of them, there is a vine, go up it.
    There will be a giant, click on him, and he will lift his club, go right
    Go all the way Right, and get the bucket then go right
    Go over the plane, then go over the rocket, get the "Jet Pack" Go left
   Go over the food, then go over the shovel but try to stay under the vine, then go in the hole that is labled, "Exit" it will take you to a place with a flag, get it, then go down and go right to "Early Poptropica"
Go to the man beside the well and click on him, He will thank you for bringing the bucket back,

 Then go up a rope that is to the right of the man, when you are up there will be another man, you will then click on him, and he will thank you for bringing the flag back

      Then you need to jump off of the tower and go to the right until you come to a boat, click on the man inside the boat and he will give you a "Gold Medallion", Congrats! You have finished this Island!
 BTW: You cannot wear 2 Medallions at once.

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